All You Need To Know About Coding For Kids

Looking for best coding program for kids?

All You Need To Know About Coding For Kids

Want your child to design an app, develop a game, make a website, or create animated movies? Well, then – as parents, you need to look for online Animation courses for kids, App Development for kids, Game Development for kids, Web Design and Web Development for kids. These courses will equip them with Coding, Design Thinking, Creativity and Problem-Solving skills.

National Education Policy (NEP) has introduced coding from class 6th onwards to develop skills in children that will help them deal with problems whether it is maths, science, or humanities, and will make them future ready.

Everyone is talking about coding education for kids. But don’t you think - if parents have a basic understanding of coding, it will become easier for them to help their children in their coding projects?

Here are some of the questions about coding and the answers to them that will help you get your doubts cleared:

Why should your child learn to code?

Coding teaches your child how to think and solve problems on their own. They learn how to translate an idea into small logical steps, break down a problem and find different ways to solve it. It gives them an understanding of how to communicate with a computer using a programming language.

Coding improves focus and academic performance. It strengthens digital, employability & life skills and prepares your child for the jobs of the future.

What is the difference between Coding, Programming and Algorithm?

Coding is a creative process to tell a computer what to do.

Programming language is the language used to communicate various instructions to the computer. (Python, Swift, JavaScript)

An algorithm is a set of instructions for accomplishing a defined task. While code tells a computer what to do, algorithms tell it how to do what you’re telling it to do. When coding an app/website, there are always going to be recurring tasks or problems. Algorithms allow you to identify a set of inputs that, when received by a computer, produces a corresponding set of outputs to solve the problem or perform the task.

How to make coding fun, easy and interesting for your child?

Coding is an interesting and creative subject; it empowers your child to create apps, games, websites and more. Instructor-led interactive online classes and real-world projects with a gamified & interdisciplinary approach makes it fun and easy to understand the coding concepts.

Children (ages 5 to 10 years) can learn to code using Block Languages (Visual Programming). In Block languages, they don’t have to write codes, instead – they have to drag-and-drop coding instruction “blocks”. It is an easy, engaging and fun way which allows them to learn how to design and develop their own games, apps etc through visuals.

Popular Block Languages: Scratch, Blockly.

Children above 10 years of age can learn coding using Text-based Languages which are traditional programming languages used by professionals.

Popular Text-based Languages: Python, Swift, JavaScript, Ruby, Java, C++, PHP.

Does your child need to be good in Maths to learn coding?

No. It is true that children who are good in Maths will enjoy learning to code since both subjects require logical and systematic thinking.

But it is not essential to be good in Maths to learn coding. Coding is a creative subject that allows children to create and innovate. Hence, children who are interested in art and creative subjects also enjoy coding as it gives them a platform to express and showcase their creativity.

How can you help your child to learn coding if you know nothing about coding?

When it comes to subjects other than coding, parents can help their children to some extent. But coding is a subject, not all parents would be familiar with. So, as parents – you can use this opportunity to learn a new skill. You can learn the basics/fundamentals of coding and help your child along the way.

What is HTML? And what is CSS?

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard language used to create web pages. It is the most basic building block you need for developing websites.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the language used to add style to the document you create with HTML. While HTML comes first and creates the foundation for your pages, CSS comes next which is used to create the layout for the web pages, colours, and fonts.

What is the difference between a designer and a developer?

Designers work on the aesthetics and usability of an app, game, or a website. They focus on the look and feel and ensure that the product makes sense from the end user’s point of view. Tools used by designers include Photoshop, Illustrator, PicsArt, Webflow - to name a few.

Developers focus on making the design come to life. They handle the coding element to develop a product; they take the design and turn it into a functioning app, website etc using programming languages.

MindBox Direct-to-home will allow your child to learn programming/coding in a fun way by developing games, mobile applications, animations, and websites. It will not only make them future-ready for job opportunities, but you can expect some enhanced skills like creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, outstanding academic performance and much more.

Do you think coding knowledge can help you guide your child in their coding journey?

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