5 STEM Careers Of The Future

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Looking to equip your child with 21st century skills?

Introducing your child to STEM/STREAM Education at an early age helps in building 21st century skills. As parents, you need to prepare your child for the future work environment by equipping them with digital & STEM skills through Coding classes for kids, Graphic Design classes for kids, 3D Design and online animation courses for kids, App Development for kids, Game Development for kids, Web Design and Web Development for kids.

As the prevalence of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning grows, many professions of today may not exist in the future. According to the New National Education Policy 2020 , STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art & Math) which is a multidisciplinary form of education is essential for the development of employability and life skills like problem-solving, flexibility, adaptability, creativity, and critical thinking.

Here are the five STEM Careers of the Future:

App Developer

Lately, the field of Mobile App Development has seen a tremendous rise in popularity. From banking to shopping to booking a ride to learning to playing games and more – mobile apps have made it safer and convenient for people to carry out their activities. In the future, organisations will need people with STEM, Design and Coding skills to design & develop apps for their business that will drive and help meet their goals while offering best services to the customers.

Green Power Creator

A healthy planet means healthy people. To build a sustainable planet, focus would be on harnessing untapped resources of energy like Solar, Wind, Water etc. to meet our growing needs as a global population. The future will need people who can use Design Thinking and STEM skills to develop, test and deploy green technologies.

3D Printing Engineer

3D Printing is revolutionizing the creative and fabrication industries, home construction, the food industry, and medical applications. In the future, applications for 3D Printing will need to be developed; the 3D printers operated, maintained, and monitored. Hence, 3D Printing Engineers will be in high demand in the future job market.

Robotics Engineer

Robots will take over simple tasks in the future; tasks like ordering fast food at a restaurant, purchasing groceries from a supermarket etc. will be performed at a kiosk or at an automated service location. Job hirers will look for people with Robotics skills who can design, build, and fix Robots and help in the maintenance of the kiosk systems.

Data Manager

Big data and analytics play a key role in a digitally connected world. Data managers with an extensive background in digital security, data handling, and cryptology will be in high demand in the future. They will organize the massive amounts of data that clutter our virtual clouds, while securing data, and when needed, destroying data.

MindBox Direct-to-home will allow your child to learn programming/coding in a fun way by developing games, mobile applications, animations, and websites. It will not only make them future-ready for job opportunities, but you can expect some enhanced skills like creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, outstanding academic performance and much more.

What steps are you taking to empower your child with STEM skills that will future-proof their career?

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