Kids Can Now Create Their Fav Toon & Movie Characters With Graphic Design, 3D Design, Animation

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Looking to develop your child’s graphic & animation skills?

Watching cartoon TV shows is the favourite pastime of every kid. Apart from providing entertainment, they take kids out of the confines of the classroom and teach them at a time when they are relaxed and able to absorb the desired knowledge and learnings.

The cartoon TV shows have evolved over the years; there has been a shift from magical themes to more futuristic and scientific themes. Popular cartoon characters include Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Popeye, Dora the Explorer – to name a few. From teaching morals & values to inculcating life skills to flaunting hi-tech gadgets, these cartoon characters spark kids’ imagination and helps them understand new concepts faster while having fun.

The National Education Policy 2020 lays emphasis on interest-based learning where kids can enjoy and pursue their subjects of interest. As parents, you can empower your kid to express their love and interest for cartoons by encouraging them to create their favourite graphic toon/cartoon.

A Graphic Design course teaches your kid to create their cartoon character using shapes and symmetry. With the help of relevant technology tools - first, they create the cartoon character's face, then complete the character by making body parts. In addition to creating cartoon characters, kids learn how to make icons, logos, posters & banners.

The course helps in developing essential 21st century skills like Colour Coordination, Composition, Visual Communication, Visualisation, Ideation, Unstructured Thinking, Empathy, Accuracy, Observation.

The animation & visual effects industry has made great strides in the past decade; they have taken storytelling in movies to another level. Blockbuster movies like Avatar and the Baahubali film series have engaged and entertained the audience (which includes kids and adults both) as never before.

Based on the age and skill level, a 3D Design with Animation course introduces your kid to 3D modelling, image rendering, 3D animation, camera animation and animation rendering. They explore and learn how to create their favourite movie characters using relevant technology tools. In addition to creating movie characters, kids gain an understanding of 3D designs, 3D printing & prototyping.

The course helps in developing essential 21st century skills like Visual Communication, Visualisation, Ideation, Unstructured Thinking, Empathy, Accuracy, Observation, Analysis, Spatial Awareness.

MindBox Direct-to-home is a creative education program with a research-based curriculum which is mapped to different age groups; the curriculum has been tested and validated in 50+ schools across India. Industry-relevant tools are used to conduct design and coding courses for kids in an interactive & fun learning environment. It allows kids to learn graphics & animations from the comfort of the home and prepares them for future career options like Graphic Designer, Product Designer, UI/UX Designer, Brand Identity Developer, Packaging Designer, Production Artist, Motion Graphics Designer & more. 3D courses offer 3D printout of projects completed by kids.

At the end of the course, kids earn a certificate; top performing kids get an Internship Program in a reputed organisation to learn and work under the guidance of experts in the field.

What steps are you taking to nurture your kid’s creativity & artistic skills?

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