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Graphic Design

This course goes beyond fundamentals of Images and Image editing to let the learner truly explore the advanced tools and concepts related to Raster image manipulation and basics of Vector Graphics.


– Colour Coordination    – Composition
– Color Differentiation    – Visual Communication
– Observation                – Ideation
– Aesthetic Sense
– Visualisation

Learning Outcomes

– Define images and image types
– Visual composition
– Enhance images
– Basic colour correction
– Retouch images and remove objects
– Use layers
– Adjust exposure
– Repace colours in an image
– Clone and heal tools
– Introduction to vector graphics
– Create shapes
– image manipulation
– Design posters and banners


Professional Project Internship


Game Design

This course goes beyond fundamentals of Vector Graphics and Visual Design to let the learner truly explore application of Vector Graphics in Communication Design with help of Advanced tools and techniques.


– Observation                 – Composition
– Decision Making          – Expression
– Sequencing                 – Logical Thinking
– Problem Solving          – Interpretation
– Pattern Recognition   

Learning Outcomes

– Storytelling with Animation
– Create storyboards
– Work with sprites
– Basics of block based coding
– Use coding blocks to Create Animation
– Define loops, conditions, and variables
– Control motion
– Identify types of games
– User Control and scoring
– Interactive games

Professional Project Internship


USD 1,206 /-


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What Students Say About MindBox?

Very interactive. Very interesting. I always dreamed of creating a good piece like, a movie or video game.There are also mind boggling puzzles in between the classes and i enjoy it very much.
- Fareed Ahmed Grade 5-B - Excel Central School
Classes,assignments,projects and feedbacks are all innovative and interactive,loved the teachers,concept,wish there was class on all days,eagerly awaiting for Monday
- R. Iniyan 6th - SBOA JC
It is like an eyeopener to parents who restrict their children from using digital appliances and video games, actually it is not bad to do so, it is nice to engage digitally, but the time could be reduced. Everyday, the classes are going interactive and energetic. Awesome videos are viewed by others easily. i encourage these classes. JOB BRAVO!!
- Manoj 10th - Kamala Niketan School
Unlike other online classes MindBox classes have unique presentations. They interact with their students and answer their problems and confusions. Overall these classes are amazing.
- M. Narashimman 7th - SBOA JC
This class makes to learn new concepts, technologies, ideas in scientifically and mathematically to visualize globally, teachers are so kind, interactively making the session attentive. thanks mam
It is interactive and enjoyable. Though it is not a main subject and a co-subject it is very much interesting. Not like the form of video and worksheet the live interaction is very much nice. I like this time the most
- Harshika. P 8th - SBOA JC
I honestly feel that MindBox is such a fun session that we should have it twice a week because as we are learning how to make examples or if i need to say it as data or diagram of an App i say its so fun, i wait for the session every week so this is heat i feel about MindBox.
- Vishwajit Ramesh Swaminathan 7th - Billabong high international school, Santacruz.
I am very happy with the programs , activities projects and overall MindBox Sessions. I like attending the MindBox class on Tuesdays. The sessions are Very interesting.
- Krishiv Pandya 5th - Billabong high international school, Santacruz.
My experience with Mindbox teachers is like taking my technical skills to a new horizon altogether. Starting from 3D modeling in VIII standard followed by Film making softwares Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. My Instructors boosted my confidence by assigning projects/filmmaking for various inter school and intra school competitions.
- Daksh Khanna 10th - DPS Greater Faridabad Sector 81
Mindbox and especially Vivian sir have a huge part in growing my interest toward Designing and developing games, visual effects and more. In the 3 years studying under Vivian sir I have learned a lot about many tools of 2D & 3D. The Teaching approach was very unique and helped me grasp complex concepts easily. This happened only because Vivian sir would go out of the way and do longer shifts to teach us these softwares and excel in using them. This opened a new horizon for me which interests me a lot and I will want to pursue this in the future. Sir not only taught me to use these softwares but also many other practical skills which has helped me perform well in different competitions.
- Aakash Mukherjee 11th - DPS Greater Faridabad Sector 82
My experience with the Mindbox teachers has been remarkable. Their expertise in teaching and ceaseless guidance has empowered me to think creatively and innovatively. Learning about Communication Designing using Corel Draw has been an insightful experience. I enjoyed Three-Dimensional designing (using Maya) which enabled me to understand various problems, think, design and develop a model to solve it. Getting the opportunity to participate in the Design Championship was yet another phenomenal experience.
- Misthi Jain 12th - G.D Goenka Rohini
My experience with teachers from Mindbox (Aarti Mam and Jyoti Mam) was amazing. With their help and guidance I have learned more about Coral Draw (Graphics Design Platform) and many important things that should be in our mind while doing graphics design. Their teaching methods were so good and effective that actually helped me to learn hard things easily and also make my interest in the class. Because of their easy teaching methods I like each and every class and always wait for next class with them. I am happy that in our school classes are conducted by teachers from Mindbox which give us a lot of opportunities in our life and tell more about technology.
- Rachit Munjal 9th - G.D Goenka Rohini
Its really interesting and fun to learn,its really clear to understand and we can learn a lot about things we know and we don't know and we can learn more about it and what its about.
- Vijaya Kumar 8th - Kamala Niketan School
I like that people with gaming and software or designing in their career will be highly benefited by this and this helps us to think more out of the box and creatively and is a fun activity after a tiring day of class.
- Ananth 9th - Kamala Niketan School
I like the more and more interesting ideas and innovations taught in MindBox and also grateful for making me think out of the box.
- Rajan 10th - Kamala Niketan School

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