Do You Think Project-Based Learning Helps Communication & Bolster Confidence Levels In Kids?

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Looking to introduce your child to Project-Based Learning through Interactive online classes?

Education is important but skill development is more important for your child’s holistic growth. Our job as parents is to ensure that our child’s learning method equips them with essential 21st Century Skills – Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration. These skills will enable them to succeed in academics, career and personal life.

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020,emphasises on creating an enabling framework that helps in doing away with “rote-learning” and facilitates deployment of an inquiry-based, project-based education ecosystem that not only enhances the learning outcomes but also helps in rendering an overall development of individuals.

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a student-centred teaching method that involves a dynamic approach where students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world problems. Unlike the traditional learning methods where teachers explain and students are only passive listeners, Project Based Learning motivates students to participate and take ownership of their learning.

One of the 4C’s of 21st Century Skills – Communication is among the top job skills of tomorrow. With good communication skills, your child will be ready for the future workplace which will require interaction at a global level.

In Project Based Learning (PBL), children work on projects to ideate, design and create solutions for real world problems like climate change, depletion of marine life, water scarcity and the like. If you want to strengthen your child’s communication & collaboration skills, Project Based Learning is an excellent method which will give them the opportunity to work in group projects, communicate with peers and share their ideas and thoughts. The experience of learning and working in groups will surely enhance their social skills.

There are many benefits of Project Based Learning – it is a solution for children with short attention span who are not able to focus during long lectures. This method is a good tool to make learning interesting for your child and inculcate creative confidence in them. It encourages them to participate, think through a question, unravel practical solutions actively in the project form, and deliver it.

In Project-based Learning – your child will work on online tools, research and discuss about the subject with his group members, find a solution, design and create the prototype. Hence, this learning method helps them gain confidence and proficiency in using online tools.

Furthermore, Project-based Learning keeps your child engaged and improves their time management skills to complete the project within the stipulated time frame. It enhances their analytical and decision-making skills that will help them thrive in the future workplace.

It is a proven fact that Project-based Learning inspires children to become lifelong learners; they develop self-esteem & self-confidence by taking risks, pushing their own boundaries, and teaching each other while they work together on the project.

MindBox Direct-to-homewill allow your children to gain hands-on experience through Project-Based Learning by developing games, mobile applications, animations, and websites. It will not only make them future-ready for job opportunities, but you can expect some enhanced skills like creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, outstanding academic performance and much more.

What are the activities you do to boost your child’s confidence & communication skills?

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